Psalm 91 became real to me

To get to the public transport stop in my neighborhood, I have to cross a hiking trail.

About a month ago, when I went to work one day, I had to go through this walkway. The cars on both sides stopped to walk the pedestrians. The one on the right, however, left while I was still on the pedestrian path. What I felt was that someone pulled me back and the car just managed to push the ladies' bag that was on my shoulder. There were no people around me who could do this and so quickly. This car would really hit me!

I stood up. At that moment I realized my life. I thank God Father that he sent his angels who keep me! 91st Psalm became real to me!

Adriana Georgieva, 17 years old

I knew I could trust God

I want to tell you what happened to my daughter.

At the beginning of the week, she woke up like a mosquito bite. When you told me about this, we thought it might be an allergic reaction from food, and advised her to go to the pharmacy before work and ask what to do. We thought the question was over - she went to work, me too.

By the afternoon of the same day, however, she called me on the phone and told me that she was much more sick and the pimples spread. I advised her to call a doctor who had gone and injected a cocktail of drugs.

When I came home in the evening, I asked her how it was and whether to go to a doctor, but she told me she was okay. The same thing told me the next morning, on Tuesday. However, in the afternoon, the blooms began to swell and were made on hard tiles 2-3 mm high. That's why we realized that my son-in-law would take her from work, then they would take me from work and go to a doctor. She checked and found out that at that time an allergist was in the Medical Academy.

We went, and after the doctor looked at her, she went out of the office and said, "Your daughter has 13 cycles on her head alone!" She must stay in the hospital for at least 5-6 days to make infusions. I replied that if I should, okay. But my doctor told me my daughter did not want to stay. And suddenly the Holy Spirit said: No! Then my reaction was, "If she does not want, then she should not stay." I was asked what a mother I was, but I knew I could trust God.

Before we left, they injected her with a couple of ampoules inside and wrote two kinds of pills. I prayed all the time saying, "Lord, she is your daughter, I give it to you, You are the doctor here."

On my way home, my son-in-law went to a pharmacy to buy the medicines. I suddenly came up with the words "English salt". 25-30 years ago I was buying English salt as a glass matting ingredient and never, never bought such a thing for treatment, and I had no idea what he was treating. That's why I told her to call her husband while he was in the pharmacy and tell him to take it. "I have no idea why, but tell him to buy."

A little later, words came to me again: "Soda for Bread". I thought, "Now what are we going to do with bread soda?" However, we bought.
At home, I started searching online how to apply English salt to allergies. Well, I did not find anything. So I just wanted to drink and gave my daughter the instructions I found. I decided that the baking soda would dissolve it in the tub and make baths that way.

On Thursday she had nothing on her body. Thank goodness! He cured it with English salt and soda for bread.

sister Velichka

The power of the testimony

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death".

Revelation 12:11

We will publish on this page some good testimonies for the God's glory!