About me


Pastor Krasimir and Rumyana Mirchev  founded “Abundant Life” Christian Church in 2004.  

Pastor Mirchev ministers with teaching and healing anointing, he started ministering in 1990 when he was born-again and filled with the Holy Spirit. He pastored churches in a village, in the army and in a town.     

He traveled and taught the Word of God. His wife Rumyana Mircheva is anointed psalmist and exhorter.

The vision of the "Abundant life" church is  “Fruitfulness through the Word of God” according to Isaiah 55:10-11.

The church is the leader in the teaching of the Word of God to the Bulgarian speaking people around the world.

The church services are in the center of the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia.

The live services and the messages are watched in different nations. Many of the messages are translated in English and can be watched online also.

The church translates and publishes faith books in Bulgarian.


More than 10 thousand books have already been printed and distributed with the help of our partners in Switzerland, Bulgaria and USA:

“Faith food” by Kenneth E.Hagin

“I believe in visions” by Kenneth E.Hagin

“Mountain moving faith” by Kenneth E.Hagin

“Why Jesus appears to people” by Mel Bond

“Plans, purposes and pursuits” by Kenneth E.Hagin

“The two kinds of life” by E.W.Kenyon                                                                                                 


Аnd others books are in progress presently.

To our friends and partners: We are grateful to the Father and to you for your love and support to us. You are participants in God’s grace and work through our ministry.

Quick facts about me

Born again in 1991

Finished Buble school in 199. ... in Pleven, Bulgaria as young boy. I was ...

I believe in:

  • *Pretribulation rapture
  • *Prosperity
  • *Next
  • *Next
  • *Next


I'm delegated person by REMA ministries for Bulgaria and my church has publish a lot of Kennet Hegin books. Some of the books are:

  • *This one
  • *This one
  • *This one


Also we published books by

  • *Mel Bond
  • *This one
  • *This one


I also published a books:

  • *This one
  • *That one
  • *This one (comming soon)